Light of City

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  • Light of City
  • Light of City
  • Light of City

This is a cultural journey about Hong Kong. The art collection "Light of City" shows the unique beauty of Hong Kong's neon light, as well as the sleepless urban culture.  During the 1970s, colorful neon signs became the visual culture and forming a neighborhood landmark. In our work, we are making a story telling objects, bringing the neon's signage to your home and enhance the ongoing spirit. The design gives a projection of futuristic imagery of cyberpunk and best fit with any modern and cool looking interior.

Item (s) will be available on June 2020 

Product Details:

  • Finish: acrylic, glass 
  • Size: 
  • Small size 192mm x 200mm
  • Medium size 255mm x 255mm
  • Large size 380mm x 330mm (with projection effect)
  • Adjustable cord: 200 cm 
  • Electrical plug 
  • Bulbs: Max. 60W, 110V-250V is applicable
  • A light bulb is included
  • weight: 2 kg
  • Both the light bulbs and lamp holders are CE and UL approved. 



More details:

Electrical Cord and Lamp Socket will work anywhere in the world
If you are not sure how to connect the cables safely and competently, please refer to a professional electrician.
If you have any special requests about our product, please contact us


Ship in 7 to 10 working days
Calculated at checkout
Ships tracked through Hong Kong Post for local and worldwide shipment 

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