Edison Bulb is a trend now

By Stephanie To
on April 23, 2015

In recent years, you may see Edison bulbs in anywhere, like café, bars and dining restaurants, outdoor events, boutiques etc. The old fashioned Edison bulbs look great in exposed light fixtures and add an instant warm industrial style. Apart from commercial usage, many friends of mine start using decorative Edison bulbs on their dining room or bed room. They really enjoy having a dim and romantic atmosphere. The trend still goes on!


thanks nolantarantino for sending us such a great photos! 

No. 92 Oldswinford Coffee Lounge (UK)







old stuffs have their value

By yat ming lo
on January 07, 2014


Zoring Park's design team believes that every single old stuff has its historical value. By using their hands, they make those old lightnings with mixture of industrial and modern style.  


Some of the designers collect old lights from different cities of China. After bringing the treasuries back to headquarter, they pass the lights to handcraft designers to clean, modify and process the maintenance.  


The industrial lamps are whole-heartedly made. 




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