Smart lighting solution for small room

By Stephanie To
on October 07, 2015

It’s important to use correct lighting to make your small room feels bigger. Any ideas?

Using natural lighting is a brilliant idea for small room. You do not need to have lots of lighting if your room is has enough natural lighting. Apart from making your room look bigger, it also brings warmth and comfortable feeling and avoid claustrophobia.

Having wired hanging pendant and wall mounted lighting with minimalist design can save lots of spacing. They create warmth lights to make your room cozy.

They can be used as a reading lighting as well if they are adjustable.

Old Lamp Drawing

By Stephanie To
on June 19, 2015

I found two pieces of old lamp design drawings today. Even though i do not know their drawing years, the sketching looks fine and gorgeous, with detailed product description.  


May be it's pricey to buy a well functional vintage lighting, yet, we have a series of industrial lighting and the design is inspired by the old factory and warehouse lighting. 



Day & Night in Spain

By Stephanie To
on June 01, 2015

Our Industrial Chandelier lamps are there. Thanks Marie for the photos :)

This chandelier is very user friendly as all the cords are adjustable, so you do not need a very high ceiling and still make the lamps stay stun. If you have a high ceiling, you can hang the cords loosely. It looks great to hang over dining table,  just like what our customer has done.



E26 & E27 Lamp Holder

By Stephanie To
on May 21, 2015

What's the difference between E26 & E27?

E26 stands for 26mm base size and the E27 refers to 27mm base size. People usually mixed up with the usage of both of them, like US using E26 while Europe and Asia using E27. Don’t worry too much. Both of them are interchangeable. So, which means E26 and E27 are applicable in worldwide.


Shop our large range of E27 bulb holders here. We have various materials like Copper, Metal, Aluminum, Bakelite and Porcelain.

Lumen of a vintage Edison bulb

By Stephanie To
on April 27, 2015

Lumen is the measurement of light output, which helps us to understand how bright a vintage Edison bulb is. So, how bright is a 60W vintage bulb? Based on research, a regular 60W incandescent bulb gives out around 800 lumens, while a 60W vintage bulb gives out 400 lumen. That’s means a vintage Edison bulb is much dimmer than a regular incandescent bulb. Brightening up a room is not the main function of it, even that, vintage Edison bulbs are very popular now in restaurants, office and hotels.


our vintage bulbs placed in the resting area of Bio Agency office, creates a relaxing environment for their staffs.

Our bulbs in South Kitchen, successfully creates a soft, warmth and cozy dinning experience. 

Feature @ Blogs

By Stephanie To
on April 24, 2015

Thanks Lilaliv & myparadissi for featuring our wood pendants in your blogs!

Edison Bulb is a trend now

By Stephanie To
on April 23, 2015

In recent years, you may see Edison bulbs in anywhere, like café, bars and dining restaurants, outdoor events, boutiques etc. The old fashioned Edison bulbs look great in exposed light fixtures and add an instant warm industrial style. Apart from commercial usage, many friends of mine start using decorative Edison bulbs on their dining room or bed room. They really enjoy having a dim and romantic atmosphere. The trend still goes on!


thanks nolantarantino for sending us such a great photos! 

No. 92 Oldswinford Coffee Lounge (UK)







old stuffs have their value

By yat ming lo
on January 07, 2014


Zoring Park's design team believes that every single old stuff has its historical value. By using their hands, they make those old lightnings with mixture of industrial and modern style.  


Some of the designers collect old lights from different cities of China. After bringing the treasuries back to headquarter, they pass the lights to handcraft designers to clean, modify and process the maintenance.  


The industrial lamps are whole-heartedly made. 




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