Yoga X Tea Interior Design

By Stephanie To
on October 10, 2016

About half an year ago, we had discussed an exciting interior project with a yoga company in Jakarta. They are finally launched the shop and did a great job on the interior design. 

Lewis & Carroll is a newly opened tea house nested on the first floor of Bumi Four building, while the second and third floor are used by Yoga Dham, a yoga center which is managed by the same family, a passionate tea lover family. 

We love the clean and simple wooden decoration of its interior, bringing such refreshment to the scene. The family has a great taste of furniture and tea pot as well. The ceramic tea pots, plates and dining tools are perfect for the white sofa. Light with Shade team is so proud to work with Lewis & Carroll and custom made our unique Asian Bamboo Lamps for them.


It’s the Pineapple Season Now!

By Stephanie To
on July 07, 2016

This adorable fruits is a symbol of welcome, happiness and hospitality. Pineapple is a huge trend of home decoration and you may see them in everywhere across all styles and types of home accessories. 

Here we have our new pineapple Edison light bulbs. This little brass filament bulb is playful decoration to fit in any home style. For me, I like putting on a desk lamp to show its unique beauty.

pineapple edison light bulb home decoration

Here we have another shape of the small pineapple edison bulb 

A Great Boutique Hair Salon in Central

By Stephanie To
on July 07, 2016

A great hair salon is always a good find. A great interior design of a unique boutique hair salon, can you ask for more? 

We are excited to share with you the recently opened hair salon in Central, Hong Kong. Love Hair specializes in healthy, organic hair products. They are also environmental friendly that serve recycling, utilizing locally filtered water. 

  a great boutique hair salon in hong kong central


We love the relaxing and peaceful environment of Love Hair salon. Utilizing the natural light and wood design of their space, Love Hair salon is a bright, light-filled space with simple and elegance decoration such as wood rack and wired edison lamp. We are happy to see our lighting well-presented there. The large bamboo and rope lamp hanging over the reception desk is the high light and brings you to a Scandinavian style decoration. 

a great boutique hair salon in hong kong central

a great boutique hair salon in hong kong central

a great boutique hair salon in hong kong central

HKTDC Houseware Fair 2016

By Stephanie To
on May 04, 2016

Its our first time to join hktdc houseware exhibition. We are super exceited to share our works to people coming from worldwide.



Is Edison bulb easily burn out?

By Stephanie To
on February 22, 2016

Edison bulb can last for 3 to 6 months. If you’re not switching it on for 24 hours a day, it could possibly last for a year.

The bulb runs at thousands of degree and having a high the initial current surge. That’s why Edison bulb release more heat than LED bulb. To avoid the Edison bulb turning out that fast, you can choose not to screw the bulb too tightly to the fixture or lamp socket because the light socket get flattened out over time and closely contact the light bulb causing the bulb burnt out.


Even the old-fashioned Edison bulb are having shorter life span comparing with LED bulbs, many restaurants still addicted on Edison bulbs. They create a very warm glow and become a signature on beauty of restaurant interior. The bulbs best fit with any interior from vintage loft, industrial, rustic to modern, minimalism Scandinavian design.

edison bulb restaurant interior design


Milk Mart Flea Market

By Stephanie To
on February 19, 2016

We’re so excited to join Milk Mart Flea Market in early February. It’s so great to meet new friends, sharing our inspiration on making lamps. 

In our tent, we are showing our new handcrafted Manila hawser rope lightings, Cage pendants, and Edison bulbs. We also made a black spider stand lamp for displaying the unique beauty of Edison bulbs.

Behind the scene of the preparation. 


Does a dimmed light bulb save energy?

By Stephanie To
on January 10, 2016

There’s some explained that a dimmed light bulb that is dimmed from a switch use less electricity.  However, this is not as efficient as you thought. Dimming  an incandescent bulb is less efficient than using a lower wattage of a light bulb. For example, dimming a 60W bulb to the brightness of a 40W bulb will use more energy than a 40W bulb on maximum. Plus, dimmer itself uses some power.  

What is the best way to use less electricity?  I would suggest getting a LED bulb, even though it’s more expensive.  

If you’re a fan of Edison bulbs, don’t worry about that. Nowadays, the new version of dimmer helps to save energy and also prolong the life of your bulbs, which making bulbs running at lower power with less stress. Or, you can choose those dimmer designed just for incandescent bulb. They use high frequency switching that turns the supply on and off continuously several times per second, which is giving less power to the bulb.  

Edison bulbs are for creating a moody, soft and warm lighting instead of home illustration. It’s all depends on how you would like your home look like. Having a moody or an energy saving lighting? The LED Edison bulb is a great choice to serve both purposes. The new version of Edison LED bulb keep the original old fashioned Edison incandescent squirrel cage design, serving the moody lighting effect, energy efficient and save money. We have 3W, 4W and 5W LED Edison bulb with warm vintage color ranging 2200 to 2600 Kelvin. Comparing with 2700 Kelvin traditional Edison bulbs, the LED Edison bulbs are more rustic, warm and moody, and of course is more energy saving.  More and more restaurants and design firms are using Edison LED bulbs. I am sure such fever still goes on during 2016.

Vintage Lighting Accessories Featured in Micktric Event

By Stephanie To
on December 16, 2015

It's been months to work with Micktric Event. Thanks for featuring our lighting accessories recently and we do love this gorgeous photography 

The colorful cord pendants look adorable for any fun and sweet events. 


Our Edison Bulb Pendants in MONOQI Campaign

By Stephanie To
on December 09, 2015

Thanks for MONOQI featuring us on the sales campaign. The photo shoot looks so perfect and I have to share here! 






Scandinavian Bedroom

By Stephanie To
on December 07, 2015

Elegant, simple and beautiful bedroom is easy right? You just need to keep every the simplest will be the best! 

Thanks for my happy customer for the beautiful photos showing our wall lamp. This is a  great example of minimalism design. I love how she kept the white and grey color tone. Her bedroom looks very comfortable and absolutely perfect for contemporary homes

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