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LIGHT OF CITY - Projection LampShowing the unique beauty of Hong Kong's neon light, getting to know more about the sleepless urban culture.

Hong Kong’s neon signs once dominated Hong Kong’s skyline, and they are the inspiration on movies like Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell and Chungking Express, showcasing the luminous visual with futuristic cyberpunk. However, the number of outdoor neon signs is declining due to the threat from new government regulations. All of the neon signs have to be replaced by cheaper LED signs, and the neon lighting craftsmanship will be dismissing on the coming future.

The story of neon light begins in 1950s when the economy started growing. The advertising usage became widely popular and forming a significant cultural icon in Hong Kong. During the golden era, each business owner designs their own neon signs, making them bigger and brighter than their neighbors, creating a neighborhood landmark. The mixture of English and Chinese word font, combining with the horizontal and vertical design tells an “East meets West” story behind the city.


Sadly, after the introduction of LED law and regulation, the government removed 3,000 unauthorized signboards, which is up to 90% of the main neon lights of the city have disappeared during the last 20 years. For us, this is very emotional on witnessing the diminishing of recognition in our city. In our work, we hope to brings the visual to modern age that we were once proudly of.

Each signboard contains the story behind the city...

This is a history journey about Hong Kong. "Light of City" shows the unique beauty of Hong Kong's neon light, as well as the sleepless urban culture.  Each signboard contains the story behind the city. In our work,  we are making a story telling objects, bringing the neon's signage to your home and enhance the ongoing spirit. 

LIGHT OF CITY - Copper Projection Lamp

By using the CNC laser cut technique, the “Light of City” has a mixture of vintage and contemporary outlook, yet durable and energy saving. The design gives a projection of futuristic imagery of cyberpunk and best fit with any modern and cool looking interior. 

We design different patterns on each of the 4 sides of the copper lamp. Here are two sides of the copper projection lamp with the remarkable visuals.

Another two sides of the copper projection lamp (Size - 300mm x 345mm)

For Copper Projection Lamp , we applied CNC laser etching techniques. The copper material brings a texture of vintage, yet durable, and also is perfect on the history ashes and the tones will be vanishing time by time. We design different patterns on each sides. The lamp enhance a remarkable projection visual on the wall. A specific projection light bulb G4 12V will be included. Besides, a stand  (40cm Height x 17.5cm Width) will be included in the package. Placing the copper projection lamp on a stand will be showcased like an art piece. Using it either as a pendant or desk lamp can enhance a spectacular decoration on interior   

After several trials of light bulbs and materials such as copper, plastic and wood etc, we came out with a conclusion that the copper material brings the best visual outfit on both indoor and outdoor decoration.  


 LIGHT OF CITY - Projection Lamp (Acrylic Glass) 

Here we introduce another projection lamp in acrylic glass materials, and laser etching techniques is also applied. Importing from Japan, it is an organic plastic glass made with natural materials. Comparing with other plastic pieces, our acrylic glass is more durable and environmental friendly. The material cost is relatively cheaper than our Copper Projection Lamp, thus we can offer an affordable price for backers. On the other hand, the projection effect will be less significant than that of copper.

LIGHT OF CITY Projection acrylic Lamp (L)
Each side has different patterns. Here are two sides of the acrylic projection lamp with the projection visuals.  
Another two sides of the acrylic projection lamp.


LIGHT OF CITY - Desk / Pendant Lamp (Acrylic Glass) 

 Medium size 

LIGHT OF CITY - Pendant Lamp (Medium size - 225mm x 225mm)

LIGHT OF CITY - Desk Lamp (Medium size - 225mm x 225mm)

 LIGHT OF CITY - Desk / Pendant Lamp (Acrylic Glass) 

Small size 

LIGHT OF CITY - Pendant Lamp (Small size - 192mm x 200mm)

LIGHT OF CITY - Desk Lamp (Small size - 192mm x 200mm)

These are the desk lamp and pendant lighting parts. We are open for backers to choose on the pledges. Please message your preference to us

We have designed three sizes in this acrylic collection. Large size has the projection visual effects. Each side has unique patterns. The lighting will be diffused from the bottom, and is perfect for hanging it at kitchen island, living room for interior decoration.

showcasing Light of City in living room enhance a relax and stylish


A warm and decorative corner on working space


“Light of City” has presented in Asian Contemporary Art, local bookstore, gallery and hotel in Hong Kong, such as NIDO Gallery, Tung Nam Lou Hotel, Eslite Book Store and Design Inspire Event. We are very grateful to be invited on the exhibitions, and the positive feedback drives us to develop product in this Kickstarter campaign.

Tung Nam Lou Hotel Exhibitions


NIDO Gallery Exhibitions


We have started researching for a year on Hong Kong's outdoor signage by site visiting the old districts, studying the word font and size. It also a fun process on drafting the design, applying different old and new elements on the projection effects.  

Every Production started from a series of hand-drawn sketches. After finish the drawing on Ai software, our Ai drawings are loaded into a laser cutting machine and the part is cut from the acrylic sheet. The edges of the piece are then grinded and smoothed by hand. Afterwards, we bring the acrylic pieces back to our office and assembled by hand with care. From start to finish, each pieces receives the attention and love it deserves.

We have spent another 8 months to study the shape and form of each lighting style, testing materials, developing 3D models, and sourcing the suitable light bulb for projection, as well as working closely with local laser cut workshops. We are happy to work with local business for sustainable production and cooperate closely to produce introduce our great design and their service to backers worldwide.

 Applying different kinds of light bulbs on the lampshade enhance different visual effect. if you dont prefer to have a projection visual, you can choose a standard light bulb. 

The production process takes in 3 months. We will use 3-4 week time to buy materials. It takes approximately 4 weeks for us to use laser cut machine in local workshop. We assembly each bulb pieces by pieces. Including final testing and quality control, it takes approximately another 4 weeks. The lead time and the stocks will be ready in 3 months. Once the products have finished in our workshop, we will package them up and ship them to all backers. If we have finished the products earlier, we could ship once things are done. The target of 3 months production is within the safety time frame.

For more of our works, please kindly browse our social media and more info below

Risks and challenges

We have exhibited the similar design with copper material in several places in Hong Kong i.e. Nido Art Gallery and an art boutique hotel, Tung Nam Lou Hotel. We can’t foresee too many risks in the creation of “City of Lighting”. Besides, full collection of prototypes is on our hands. We have found reliable suppliers based in local city and they can handle large quantities production. We are confident that this project will be going very smoothly and deliver great quality products to all the backers. The main challenge this project will be faced with is hitting our deadline. We will keep our backers informed by publishing regular updates about our project. if you have any questions, feel free to ask and we’ll make sure we respond.

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Long-lasting design

We have tested several acrylic glass from different countries. At the end, we chose those imported from japan, which is more durable and environmental friendly. The organic plastic glass made with natural materials. For copper material, the product will have less chance to be oxidized and more durable for long term usage.

Sustainable materials

Importing from Japan, it is an organic plastic glass made with natural materials. Comparing with other plastic pieces, our acrylic glass is more durable and environmental friendly.

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